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How to come up with a good story


Add color. Use a variety of writing techniques, witty plot twists, and literary devices. For example, Chekhov's gun on the wall, when a completely insignificant object suddenly affects the outcome of the conflict, or Deus Ex Machina (Latin for "God from the machine"), when the resolution comes out of nowhere: "We almost died when suddenly the blue goat saved us, destroying the balloon of the evil genius with his laser gaze." Combine these literary turns with tropes - metaphors, analogies, and personifications - and you have a rich and interesting story.


Allow yourself pay to write paper some rest before finalizing your text.


Get back to work. Now it's time to reread what you've written. Get rid of anachronisms and inconsistencies, and make sure your characters are coherent and consistent (their characters may change over time, but let's say their hair color and height remain the same). If it turns out that the main problem of the story disrupts the harmony of the whole narrative, don't be afraid to make big changes. One mistake can ruin your entire work.


If you haven't started writing yet, now might be a good time...


Be careful need help with my capstone project not to take on everything at once. Writing a story for the first time can be difficult, but you'll get better at it over time.

The plot is only complete when the whole book is ready.

The plot is only a guideline, so don't rely on it completely. Most authors don't prepare the plot at all. They just write what they want.

Don't steal other people's plots!

Writing without a plot is a terrible idea. You shouldn't start a book if you don't even have a rough idea of where you're going. You don't have to strictly follow the original line, but it helps if you know what's going to happen next. Otherwise, you'll get bored with writing and abandon your book in the middle.


Never, ever give up on an idea just because it seems ridiculous to you. A seemingly silly idea can become a real masterpiece.

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